Chautauqua County SCOPE chapter endorses Payne for sheriff

The Chautauqua County Chapter of Shooters Committee on Political Education proudly announces the endorsement of Russ Payne for Chautauqua County Sheriff.

According to Sid Compton, President of the local SCOPE chapter, “The mission of SCOPE is to preserve and protect the rights of New York state citizens from tyranny and elitists, such as our present governor, who chooses to ignore the gun rights of the majority of the people of this state. Compton added, “In this regard, our group is actively opposed to the New York State SAFE Act and is demanding its repeal. We have heard from many local Chautauqua County residents and the vast majority of them agree that the SAFE Act is a violation of our constitutional rights to keep and bear arms.

“We recently interviewed both candidates for Chautauqua County Sheriff and found Russ Payne to be in total agreement with us in that the SAFE Act needs to be repealed in its entirety. What impressed us most with Mr. Payne, was the fact that he not only agreed with our stance on repealing the SAFE Act but he also informed us that, if elected Sheriff, he would be actively engaging with other state sheriffs, such as Erie County Sheriff Tim Howard, who are presently advocating the repeal of the SAFE Act.”

Compton went on to say, “We need a sheriff here in Chautauqua County who is mindful of our right to keep and bear arms and who is willing to take that message to the other county sheriffs and to Albany as well. … We need strong leadership and someone who will advocate for the 22,000-plus pistol permit holders here in Chautauqua County. Russ Payne offers that leadership,” Compton concluded.