Hanover ready to dredge

HANOVER – The permits are in, now a legal matter is all that needs to be resolved for the town of Hanover to begin dredging its boat launch channel in Cattaraugus Creek.

Highway Superintendent Steve D’Angelo recently reported to the town board that he had finally received the permits from the state Department of Environmental Conservation and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers required to start the project.

D’Angelo estimated he saved the town $43,000 by getting the permits himself instead of hiring an engineer to do it.

“That’s it, I’m done,” he said of the arduous process. “The rest is up to the town board.”

For more than a year the town has searched for a solution to the shallow channel from its boat launch in Sunset Bay to Lake Erie. A cost-saving solution came about when the town of Westfield received funding to dredge Barcelona Harbor. Local political officials worked to get funding for Hanover, Dunkirk and Westfield to be able to take advantage of the equipment in the area.

It is planned Cattaraugus Creek will be dredged after Barcelona because of a Sept. 20 deadline for equipment to be out of the creek to allow fish to spawn. Dunkirk will follow Hanover.

Each municipality received $100,000 from the state and $70,000 from the county for the project, with any additional costs being the local share.

The last step before the project actually begins is a contract for the work. Town Attorney Jeffrey Passafaro said he is working with county Attorney Steve Abdella to make a contract with Westfield or the county to piggyback on the bid for work in Barcelona.

Bids were originally received by the Army Corps of Engineers. However, the law on procurement policy does not provide an exception or piggybacking on a bid from a federal agency, only municipal, county or state. He said he hopes to be able to have an intermunicipal contract, not one between the town and the contractor.

The town board also received complaints from several Sunset Bay residents about inconsistent code enforcement practices.

Leo and Benita Szymanski and Jeff and Kimberly Martin attended the meeting to ask that the board become familiar with the flood plain law especially pertaining to eaves, fill and drainage and to question the code enforcement officer’s knowledge and consistency in enforcing zoning laws.

The board authorized Supervisor Todd Johnson to execute a contract with Koester Associates for RBCs for the wastewater treatment plant improvement project. He was also authorized to execute a contract for the summer swim program for $1,372, which will be reimbursed to the town.

The board amended the engineering contract with GHD for the wastewater treatment plant project with increases for a second public hearing and the cost to comply with the state revolving water fund. The cost to comply is $39,900 and the new total engineering cost is $695,000.

Ed Schintzius was appointed as the town’s representative to the Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan committee until the end of the year when all town appointments are made.

The town board will meet on Sept. 8.