No science backs up alarmists

This is in response to the commentary “A few degrees matter a lot” in the OBSERVER Aug.9. I have a few comments.

I also believe our education system is “dumbing down the nation.” How else can you explain what everyone used to know; such as the sun’s cycles cause the weather and climate to change and now it’s man?

Also, the latest research I have seen says the temperature of Earth hasn’t gone up a degree in the past century not a “handful of degrees.”

Did you read the article in the OBSERVER recently that Death Valley, Calif., which holds the record for the highest record temperature ever recorded, hit a HIGH of 89 degrees on Aug. 3, which is the COLDEST HIGH on that date and is 15 degrees lower than the previous record.

Also of note is that President Obama and the other “Global Warming” advocates say the “debate is closed and that a consensus of scientists agree.” However, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in September 2011 had 50 panel experts break ranks to defy the “Global Warming” cult and denounce the junk science, which can only mean there is NO “consensus.”

There are so many lies about “Global Warming” that even Nobel Prize winning Dr. Ivar Giaever resigned from the American Physics Society and noted that “it is amazing how stable temperatures have been over the last 150 years.” Giaever and rank and file scientists are increasingly aware that the “consensus” of scientists pushing “Global Warming” or “Climate Change” is little more than 77 of 10,000 scientists polled. So I guess President Obama and the radical environmentalists are wrong about “true scientific debate has been laid to rest.”

The past Arctic summer has left 533,000 more square miles of ocean covered with ice. More than the same time last year a 29 percent increase. The rebound from 2012’s record low comes six years after the BBC reported that “Global Warming” would leave the Arctic ice free by summer 2013 and the autumn freeze hasn’t begun yet.

You may have noted that in the past year or so the “Cult of Global Warming” has now decided to blame every weather event on “Climate Change” including the colder than usual summers we are presently experiencing.

The whole “climate change” hoax is a way to raise taxes and control every aspect of your life without offering anything in return no commodities no services just control. All you get are taxes on everyone and every business.

I know of no one who is against “measures like more efficient use of energy and a steady transition to cleaner energy resources” but we cannot depend on only wind and solar resources as we can not run an economy on 2 percent of the energy now produced by oil, coal and natural gas. Everyone is for cleaner energy and it will come slowly but surely.

If you want to create jobs insist that President Obama approve the XL Keystone pipeline from Canada. He’s been blocking it for years. It will make no difference if we get the oil shipped or it is shipped elsewhere.

There will still be the same amount of so-called pollution and we will get jobs and energy. We need to develop our own resources. We don’t have to go to war over oil as this country has more energy resources than we need.

Ron “Pudge” Miller is a Dunkirk resident.