Labor of love

A visit to grandma’s house inspired a little girl to do something nice for the children in the neighborhood.

Victoria Tate and her father Robert are from Silver Creek, but her grandmother lives in Dunkirk near the former School 6. When Victoria visits her grandmother she enjoys playing at the playground, and wanted other children to enjoy it too. This sparked a newfound interest in the community to fix up a once beloved school playground.

Dunkirk resident Eddie Paredes noticed this and brought it to the OBSERVER’S attention.

“I would like to let people know about this special little girl and her awesome dad and what they are doing for our community,” he said. “I feel Victoria should get some recognition for her actions and the many kids that will benefit from it.”

Paredes added Robert is a good friend of his who works as a mechanic, and did this as a labor of love for his daughter Victoria.

“He built a metal zip line for the playground,” Paredes said. “They have been painting the monkey bars.”

“No one has taken care of that playground in a longtime,” he said. “I don’t believe the building is used for anything anymore.”

Paredes will take his children to help fix up the park.

“My children wanted to do stuff too,” he said. “They will help me mow the grass. They play at the basketball court there and there used to be a baseball field.”

Paredes hopes Victoria’s vision comes through.

“Bob did something great for his daughter and this community and he does not even live here,” he said. “I hope this inspires others in the community to pitch in. It is a shame to let everything fall apart.”