Forestville: Resident’s efforts ring true

It is the perfect way to ring in a new year.

In Forestville this morning, a ceremony will dedicate the school bell in memory of Agnes Howard, who died on June 20. Howard was a former school employee and had a role in moving the Forestville school bell, which is 169 years old, to the current location.

“They wanted to destroy the bell, because it was old and rotten,” said her niece Irene Waxham. “Agnes said, ‘No way are you destroying that bell.’ Not only was it rebuilt, but Agnes made sure it would be used on the school checks and stationery. In honor of 118 years of ringing the school bell for Alumni ceremonies, Agnes kept that going.”

This morning is the first day of school for the students of Forestville. That bell, however, will forever be a part of their education and the district’s history.