Grading teachers

Area teachers are more than making the grade, according to recent evaluations made public by the New York state Department of Education.

In Chautauqua County, a total of 1,780 teachers were evaluated for the 2012-13 school year. Of those evaluated, 28 percent were found to be highly effective, 65 percent were found to be effective while 7 percent were either developing or ineffective.

The evaluations are part of the Common Core law, which includes an Annual Professional Performance Review. The review takes into account a number of variables including student achievement, locally developed measures and classroom observation.

In terms of composite rankings, Brocton fared well.

For Brocton, all teachers landed in either effective or highly effective categories. The same went for Fredonia, Cassadaga Valley and Pine Valley school districts.

“Our teachers did fairly well,” said John Hertlein, Brocton superintendent. “Do our teachers need staff development and work to help our kids advance? Yes, and administrators do too. We all need to work hard at becoming better at what we do.”

Among statistical outliers Ripley had 3 percent of its teachers rated as ineffective and 3 percent as developing while Silver Creek had 16 percent rated developing.

More information is available at and allows those interested to look up the effectiveness of teachers and principals in specific districts or schools.

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